CRACKZIP manpage

Recovery tool for cracking password protected ZIP (*.zip) files.

4 min read

ASCART manpage

A command line tool for creating ASCII art (“[ASC]II[ART]”) from plain text or image files.

3 min read

BIN2TXT manpage

Encoding and decoding tool for BASE64 and related encodings/decodings from/to ASCII to/from binary.

2 min read

Chaos-based encryption - revisited!

How to use the CHAOS command line tool to evaluate Chaos-based encryption alongside a comparison to the AES algorithm.

17 min read

TELETYPE manpage

Teleprinter command line tool for sending data to and receiving data from TTY (serial) ports simultaneously.

3 min read

HTTPECHO manpage

Small and friendly HTTP-Echo server echoing incoming HTTP-Requests to the console.

2 min read

AUTOCHAT manpage

ELIZA chatbot (by Joseph Weizenbaum) talking to you via RESTful services and an MS-Teams endpoint or on the console.

2 min read

CELLOMAT manpage

Cellular automaton using several simulations and JavaFx for creating a live of its own.