CRACKZIP manpage

Recovery tool for cracking password protected ZIP (*.zip) files …

6 min read

FLATML manpage

A shell filter flattening markup properties of XML, JSON, YAML, INI or PROPERTIES format to key/value lines …

4 min read

PASSGEN manpage

A tool for generating password lists written into a file or printed to <STDOUT> by providing rule expressions …

3 min read

PLAYLOAD manpage

Peer-to-Peer command line transport system for exchanging messages between peers over serial TTY (COM) ports …

4 min read

ASCART manpage

A command line tool for creating ASCII art (“[ASC]II[ART]”) from plain text or image files …

3 min read

BIN2TXT manpage

Encoding and decoding tool for BASE64 and related encodings/decodings from/to ASCII to/from binary …

2 min read

TELETYPE manpage

Teleprinter command line tool for sending data to and receiving data from TTY (serial) ports simultaneously.

3 min read

HTTPECHO manpage

Small HTTP-Echo server echoing incoming HTTP-Requests back to the client and to the console …

2 min read

AUTOCHAT manpage

ELIZA chatbot (by Joseph Weizenbaum) talking to you via RESTful services and an MS-Teams endpoint or on the console …

2 min read

WATCHDOG manpage

Cellular automaton simulating a watchdog in a house using JavaFX …

2 min read

PICDAT manpage

Tool for converting (raw) data to a pixmap image and extracting raw (pixmap) data from an image …

2 min read

CHAOS manpage

Encryption and decryption tool of file or stream data using Chaos-based encryption …

7 min read

TTY2MQTT manpage

Tool bridging between a serial port and an MQTT message broker for publishing or subscribing messages …

5 min read

PIXGRID manpage

Tool for displaying a light bulb matrix rendering configurable scrolling and fading pixmaps (PNG, GIF or JPG) …

3 min read

WAVES manpage

Tool to generate or pipe and filter (sound) waves for audio playback and export.

2 min read

DADUM manpage

Tool for dumping mass data by pattern to files or streams …

2 min read

Manpages online!

The manpages for the FUNCODES.CLUB commands are online now!

~1 min read
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