JUG Munich - Automatically answer Teams chats with Java microservices

In January 2022 we were offered the opportunity to talk about automatically answering MS-Teams chats with Java microservices at the JUG (Java User Group) Munich (“Teams-Chats mit Java-Microservices automatisch beantworten”) which we gratefully accepted.

Classic JEE is not at all and Spring Boot is conditionally designed for fast startup times and a small footprint. But these are prerequisites for the successful use of microservices and FaaS. Microframeworks such as Quarkus, Micronaut or Helidon solve this problem. In this presentation we demonstrated on how we connected a classic chatbot to MS teams in the cloud using various microframeworks. We presented similarities and differences between the various microframeworks and compare them.

For the demo application used in the speech, please refer to the AUTOCHAT manpage or the downloads section of this site.