JVM-Con 2017 in Cologne

It has been quite some time ago since I was at the Coding Serbia Conference 2014 talking about Big Data. This year I have been at the JVM-Con 2017 in Cologne as a speaker, the topic being “About sense and nonsense on extensive framework use” by the example of Spring Boot.

JVM-Con 2017

The JVM-Con 2017 was split into two days: One conference day and one workshop day, both of which I really enjoyed: It is always great to get an impression on different views regarding the hot topics as well as to talk to other people out there to see what they are working on. The organizers of the JVM-Con 2017 took care to offer a wide range of quality talks and workshops. It was a pleasure to be part of it, many thanks!

I actually presented a use case where various challenges are to be tackled, on the one side by using the Spring Boot framework and on the other side by using a plain library such as what REFCODES.ORG offers:

I very much liked the talk Pimping up Industry Devices with Rasperry Pi, Vert.x und Java 8 as Anatole Tresch reverse engineered a binary protocol and as he dissected a lean approach using Vert.x in favor of a heavy weight framework.

Also very notable was the talk on keeping your architecture alive Wie Sie Ihre Architektur am Leben erhalten by Peter Gafert and his library ArchUnit!