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The tiny BASH Cheat Sheet

The tiny BASH Cheet Sheet provides you (me) with a more or less alphabetically sorted tool-box of the expressions I most commonly use and tend to forget.

10 min read
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JVM-Con 2017 in Cologne

This year I have been at the JVM-Con 2017 in Cologne as a speaker, the topic being »About sense and nonsense on extensive framework use« …

1 min read
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The utility-builder pattern

Combining a utility class’s functionality with the builder pattern, add some spicy properties to it, and here comes the utility-builder pattern. Let’s try a definition…

7 min read

Yet another REST cheat sheet

I believe that good interfaces are even more important than good code. Refactoring a bad interface bears far-reaching implications effecting the interface implementation(s) as well as all the interface consumers …

5 min read
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Off topic summertime workshops

Summer break is over and I wasn’t lazy … trying to get an electrified flight plane into the air and refurbishing an old Merkur VISION arcade cabinet …

2 min read

refcodes-jobbus: Asynchronous job execution

Push your jobs onto the job-bus, let the job-bus execute your jobs asynchronously and grab the results later on - don’t bother with where (local or remote) your jobs are being executed …

3 min read

Logging like the nerds log

An introduction to the refcodes-logger framework; let’s start with giving your logs some color and tidy them up! Then let’s take over spring-boot’s log output …

2 min read
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