The installer files *.msi require a Windows operating system. The Bash files *.sh and JAR files *.jar are cross platform (Windows, X86 and ARM Linux, Mac) and require a Java runtime version >= 9.

Application Description Bash Script Executable JAR Win Installer
CELL-O-MAT (sources) Cellular automaton simulating a watch dog and Boulder-Dash cellomat-0.0.1.jar cellomat-0.0.1.msi
HTTP-Echo (sources) Echos any incoming HTTP-Request to the console httpecho-0.0.1.jar  
PixGRID (sources) Light bulb matrix scrolling, fading and moving bitmap images pixgrid-0.0.1.jar pixgrid-0.0.1.msi
T.E.L.E.T.Y.P.E (sources) Send or receive data to/from your COM/TTY (serial) ports teletype-0.0.1.jar teletype-0.0.1.msi
TTY2MQTT (sources) Bridges your COM/TTY (serial) ports to an MQTT broker tty2mqtt-0.0.1.jar tty2mqtt-0.0.1.msi
~Waves~ (sources) Audio wave generator, player and mixer, using shell pipes waves-0.0.1.jar waves-0.0.1.msi

For help, invoke the according binary with the command line argument --help.

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