Coding Serbia 2019 - With swarm intelligence on Burglar Hunt

On the 17th of May if was happy to speak at the Coding Serbia 2019 , presenting my topic “With swarm intelligence on Burglar Hunt” (“Internet of Things: Experiences of an Enterprise Developer”).

Coding Serbia 2019

From May 16, 2019 till May 17 the Coding Serbia 2019 took place in Novi Sad (Serbia) this year. I attended as speaker regarding the field of IoT: “With swarm intelligence on Burglar Hunt)” (“Internet of Things: Experiences of an Enterprise Developer”).

In this talk, I looked at a meshed network of things that, in the spirit of a swarming intelligence, are dedicated to a common task and have to team up to agree upon a common solution. This scenario presents developers with exciting challenges, as the Internet of Things is, after all, subject to different rules than classic software development. From application architecture to deployment, alternatives to server-based solutions are needed. The craft of software engineering is thus gaining in importance and opening up new possibilities. These possibilities are considered in the case study “iWUFF, the Burglar Hunter”, such as the elimination of heavy-weight layer architectures in favor of a reactive model, which allows great flexibility with strong decoupling thanks to the event-based approach.